a vegetable garden in the city centre reminds us of our dependence on insects for pollination in oslo,  norway.




recycled stuff draws a lot of attention at grønland bruktmarked, oslo, norway.


look around you, look around you, the world will never be again as you see it now. rotterdam, netherlands

cycling disobedience

a celebration, a message, a bicycle tour, a movement. people reclaim the streets in oslo, norway, at this critical mass event.

under the treetops

the library under the treetops offers free outdoor reading throughout ljubljana, slovenia.

a drink of water

free tap water is offered in ljubljana, slovenia, in order to reduce plastic bottle use.

the freedom of bikes

“cycling as a means of recreation, sports and adventure. cycling as an environmentally friendly form of transport. cycling as a way to break apathy and conformism. cycling as a source of love and solidarity. cycling as a means of socialization and body care. cycling as a bomb that attacks the deepest authoritarian paradigms” (anarcociclismo). padua, italy.

animal guerilla

more and more (wild) animals migrate to cities and claim their place in the urban greyness. budapest, hungary.

another car less

people connect cycling with a political message in leuven, belgium.

a collective no

…to advertisement and waste in leuven, belgium.