Category: humanature

flower out (II)

plants cover the walls of a house in the streets of gothenburg, sweden.


living together

hundertwassertrees are tenants in this hundertwasser building in magdeburg, germany.

flower out

DSC_0816plants cover the walls of a restaurant in amsterdam, the netherlands.



a vegetable garden in the city centre reminds us of our dependence on insects for pollination in oslo,  norway.

under the treetops

the library under the treetops offers free outdoor reading throughout ljubljana, slovenia.


the cultural landscape of de wieden, the netherlands, is managed to provide bird habitats, recreational areas and reed as a renewable resource.


the world without us. dresden, germany.

it’s in our own hands

Say no to fatalism. stockholm, sweden.


some place in china.

familiar alienation

familiar alienation. cracow, poland.