Category: food


DSC_2254a former parking lot is transformed into a vegetable garden at this eco camp in wageningen, the netherlands.

sold out

SAM_0440this vegan snack bar is sold out at hurricane rock festival, scheeßel, germany, after people have been standing in line for two days.



a vegetable garden in the city centre reminds us of our dependence on insects for pollination in oslo,  norway.


bennekom, the netherlands.


some place in china.


veganism striked back? stralsund, germany.

one thousand

one thousand protest for animal rights where hundreds of thousands have protested before: dam in amsterdam, the netherlands.

you hardly find a seat

you hardly find a seat in vegetarian restaurant and take-away tibits in zurich, switzerland. sehnsuchtsort.

a good idea

a good idea. berlin, germany.

familiar alienation

familiar alienation. cracow, poland.