Category: acting in common

place for many

there is place for the many, not the few in the streets of gothenburg, sweden.


living together

hundertwassertrees are tenants in this hundertwasser building in magdeburg, germany.


DSC_2254a former parking lot is transformed into a vegetable garden at this eco camp in wageningen, the netherlands.


DSC_0677john and jill build parts of their cordial guesthouse from recycled material, at san gerardo, costa rica.

give and take

DSCI0538people share books in this open bookcase in a pedestrian area in bergisch gladbach, germany.



a vegetable garden in the city centre reminds us of our dependence on insects for pollination in oslo,  norway.

cycling disobedience

a celebration, a message, a bicycle tour, a movement. people reclaim the streets in oslo, norway, at this critical mass event.

under the treetops

the library under the treetops offers free outdoor reading throughout ljubljana, slovenia.

a drink of water

free tap water is offered in ljubljana, slovenia, in order to reduce plastic bottle use.

stand up, together

stand up, together. amsterdam, the netherlands.